Current Projects and Programs

These are the projects and programs either in process or that will be funded during 2013. Projects marked with an "*" will only be undertaken if additional funds from public or private sources are found to help offset the costs. If you would like to donate to any of these projects, you can find a "Donate Now" link on its detail page. 

Download a printable list that includes funding levels.

Ecological Restoration of High-Priority Wetlands

A study completed in 2012 identified several high value wetlands areas on the Parkway in need of environmental restoration.

Preventing the Spread of White-Nose Syndrome Threatening Parkway Bat Populations

Bat researchers are concerned that humans going from one bat cave to another could transfer the fungus on clothing or equipment.

Expansion of Linville Falls Overlook with Interpretation of Significant Geologic Features

Thanks to the generosity of the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation’s Community of Stewards and hard work of the National Park Service, the Upper Falls Overlook at Linville Falls (milepost 316.4) now welcomes more visitors with a larger viewing area.

Stone Water Fountain Replacements

A previous Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation grant allowed the NPS resource management staff to develop a functional water fountain design that would return the iconic water fountains to many of the de

Printing of the Parkway Strip Maps and Outdoor Guides

Since 2006, the Foundation has provided funding to print the Blue Ridge Parkway Strip Map and the Blue Ridge Parkway Outdoor Guide, both indispensable resources for visitors.

Price Lake Trail Accessibility

The Price Lake Trail is one of the most popular trails on the Parkway. The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation committed $35,000 to work with the National Park Service, other partners and volunteers to rehabilitate this trail and enhance the outdoor experience for all park users. Nearly one mile of the existing accessible trail has been restored to meet accessibility standards.

Emergency Medical Services Training and Equipment *

For several years, the Foundation has provided funds to provide an increased level of excellence in emergency medical services (EMS) for parkway visitors by supporting training and equipment above what base park operations funding is able to support. This funding will maintain certifications and skills to improve medical response capabilities and pre-hospital care for injured persons within the boundaries of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Abbott Lake Trail and Fishing Pier

The National Park Service in partnership with the Foundation has upgraded the Abbott Lake Loop Trail and constructed a fishing pier. The Foundation has provided $100,000 to this project for better and safer access for all visitors.

Kids getting unplugged at Chimney Rock State Park

Kids in Parks

Kids in Parks is a program of the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation and was formed through a partnership between the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation. Working together with partners throughout the country, their mission is to promote children’s health and the health of our parks by engaging families in outdoor adventures that increase physical activity and foster a meaningful connection to the natural and cultural world.


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