Claim YOUR Inch of the Parkway!

My Inch of the Earth.Most of us have a favorite spot on the Blue Ridge Parkway - an overlook, a trail, a picnic area - that holds special memories for us. Now you can "own" your favorite spot through "My Inch Of The Earth", and support the Parkway at the same time.

You've heard of service that allow people to buy a star in the sky. Now you have that same opportunity with the Blue Ridge Parkway - and in the process, help make a big difference in support for this National treasure and the other treasured National Parks across the country.

Through, you can claim your very own virtual inch of the Blue Ridge Parkway, plus share pictures and stories describing why this place is important to you. You can share your story and special place with friends through Facebook, Twitter, email and more and invite others to claim their own virtual inch. Each virtual inch you choose in the Blue Ridge Parkway is exclusive just to you.

Most importantly, each virtual inch you claim in the Blue Ridge Parkway helps to support the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation in our work to help protect and preserve this very special place.


Sign-up at and following the 3 step directions:

  • Find your place on the map and click "Claim it" which displays your exclusive and personal Latitude and Longitude coordinates (What's Your Lat/Long?).
  • Choose one of your pictures to upload and right a quick comment or story indicating why you like this place. You can also create a memorial for loved one or give it as a gift.
  • Each inch selected costs $1 a month ($12 annually) and 75% automatically helps to support the National Park Foundation, the national charitable partner of the National Park Service, and the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation. It's fun for you and good for everyone! NOTE: Although you won't see the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation listed as receiving the donation, rest assured that the National Park Foundation is passing on part of the donation to us!

A GoodDEED™ for your good deed!
Each inch claimed is authenticated with a personalized "GoodDEED" certificate that stylishly notes your name, your personal latitude/longitude coordinates and recognizes your contribution.

So claim your place and share it with your friends and family. Invite them to claim the inch next to you or in their favorite national park and together we can protect, restore and improve our national treasures for generations to come.


Do I own the piece of land under the inch I chose?
No. You are claiming the right to the associated Latitude and Longitude coordinates virtually.

Can anyone else claim the same inch that I did?
No. Others may claim the inch next to you, but your selection is uniquely yours.

Can I upload a picture and add a story later?
Yes. Under My Profile – Manage My Inches.

For how long do I own this inch?
It is automatically renewed annually unless you cancel. You will receive an email reminder prior to the renewal