How You Can HELP

Your stewardship is essential.

Admire the view from one of the Blue Ridge Parkway's many overlooks, or venture down its 469 miles and see all that we need to protect. Then, perhaps you will find it in your heart to support our work to protect this unique experience and place.

Whether you make a donation, buy a North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway specialty plate for your vehicle, bequeath estate funds or contribute through the Parkway Plus program, you’ll be protecting the Parkway's future. And, for years to come, you’ll literally see the difference. That’s a promise.

Become a supporter of the Parkway through the Foundation, and join thousands of others who understand that even tiny efforts can do great work. As a donor, you'll become a member of our Community of Stewards who love the Parkway and want to assure its health and beauty for years down the road.

In 2015, the Foundation was able to make one of the largest allocations to the Parkway since its inception in 1997 - more than $750,000 - because of the support of thousands of Blue Ridge Parkway specialty plate holders, individual donors and corporate partners.

Share the Journey. The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation.

Make a Donation

Your tax deductible contribution will help preserve this magnificent national park area for future generations.

Foundation Partners

The Foundation is pleased to have hundreds of partners (and growing) who help us protect the Parkway every day! 

Many of our partners can be found at the links below.

Andre Michaux Society

The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation’s program of planned gifts to the Parkway honors the legacy of Andre Michaux, the French explorer who inspired many to examine, understand and enjoy the wonders of the Blue Ridge Mountains. To acknowledge those stewards who have included a gift to the Parkway in their estate planning, the Foundation has developed the Michaux Society membership program.

Parkway Plus Program

Become a partner in our Parkway Plus program, and let your patrons know you care about preserving the beauty and character of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Get the Plate

If you are a North Carolina resident, you can show your support for the Blue Ridge Parkway by purchasing the specialty license plate for your automobile or motorcycle. You can join fellow drivers who are already helping to protect the Blue Ridge Parkway's historic, cultural and scenic resources today and into the future.