Message from the Chair of the Board of Trustees

We in America are exceptionally blessed with an outstanding national park system, and the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation takes great pride in being the primary fundraising organization for what we believe to be the best among them – the Blue Ridge Parkway. As such, the Foundation exists solely to assist with the preservation and enhancement of the Parkway for the enjoyment of its visitors. Over the fourteen years of its existence, the Foundation has provided the Parkway with over three million dollars primarily to support visitor services and education; in 2012 alone we have allocated over $600,000 for projects and programs.

The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees and assisted by a Council of Advisors. Board and Council members are dedicated and hardworking volunteers who oversee the assets of the Foundation and provide leadership in our fundraising efforts. They are selected on the basis of expertise needed by the Board in order to best meet its objectives.

We appreciate and thank the thousands of active donors who generously support the goals of the Foundation. If you are not yet a contributor, we invite you to make a donation.  Your contributions assure that these magnificent 469 miles of winding road, known as the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway, will continue to provide visitors with an extraordinarily fantastic journey.

- Linda Combs