Small Grants Program

The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation administers a small grants program in North Carolina and Virginia as part of its strategic plan to identify and cultivate its constituency, to build value with the supporting public, to create community awareness of the Parkway as an economic and quality of life resource, and to assist the Blue Ridge Parkway with the accomplishment of its goals.

Small Grants will be awarded upon successful application from private agencies, schools, arts councils, and other not-for-profit organizations whose programs and projects support the mission of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Goals of the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation

  1. To protect, restore, and maintain its natural and cultural resources in good condition.
  2. To protect and maintain an ecological and biological diversity with the abundance of plant and animal species found in the Central and Southern Appalachian ecosystem.
  3. To protect and preserve significant structures, sites, collections, features and cultural traditions and to assure research accessibility.
  4. To interpret the local color, character and diversity of the Central and Southern Appalachian mountains.
  5. To contribute to the knowledge about natural and cultural resources and associated values of the Central and Southern Appalachian Mountains.
  6. To convey and continue the traditions of the Parkway’s engineering and design.
  7. To provide a variety of visitor experiences that reflect the Central and Southern Appalachian rural landscape.
  8. To provide visitors a safe and enjoyable experience with the availability, diversity and quality of park facilities, services and resource-based recreational opportunities.
  9. To assist parkway visitors, neighbors and the general public understand and appreciate the unique and diverse resources of the Blue Ridge Parkway in its geographic context of the Central and Southern Appalachian mountains.

How to Apply for a Grant

  1. Call a Foundation staff member to introduce the proposed project.
  2. Submit a written proposal, one or two pages, which includes the following: brief information about the mission and the work of the organization, the issues to be addressed by the proposed project (including the plans to be implemented, who will be served, what will be accomplished, the amount of the grant requested, and a budget for the proposed project), the signature of the organization’s administrative representative.
  3. Mail the proposal in c/o Small Grants Program to 322 Gashes Creek Road, Asheville, NC 28803

Grant Proposal Cover Sheet

  1. Name of applicant organization (including address & telephone)
  2. Contact person for information on this proposal (including title & telephone)
  3. One sentence description of the proposed project
  4. Total cost of project

Grantmaking Policies

  1. Grants are made only for legally recognized nonprofit purposes that are for the direct benefit of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  2. Grants are not made for ongoing operating expenses.
  3. The governing body of the applicant organization must approve the project prior to its submission to the Foundation.
  4. The program or project must come in physical contact with the Parkway boundary.
  5. Grants will not be awarded to support the printing of brochures or pamphlets.
  6. Funded projects must have well stated strategies with the expectation of no adjustments.
  7. Grant requests will be considered at any time.