Parkway Stories

2 years of weekend trips

I completed the Blue Ridge Parkway in many short trips between 2012 and 2014 and finally completed the last segment on August 16, 2014, driving from Mabry Mill to the northern entrance and then con

Bikes on the Parkway

Myself and 4 friends rode the entire Parkway from south to north. Fantastic trip. We then continued onto Skyline Drive, not nearly as enjoyable as The Blue Ridge.....

A most memorable ride

We started on the north end each riding our own bike. We camped along the way and made our meals each day on the road or in camp.

Harley Riders turn End 2 Enders.

Sam Goodwin and I rode the entire length from The Smokie Mountains to Shenandoah National Park. It took us three days because we took our time and stopped along the way.

renew my love

started at mile post one we spent the night in lovingston va rode to medows of dan and stayed went to little switzeland than finished in Cherokee. renew my love of riding my motorcycle.