Parkway Stories from April 2012

Front Royal to Cherokee in 3 days

Started in Front Royal, VA on a beautiful sunny day and headed South. The weather became colder and windy as I went. By the time I hit the Asheville area I had my heated jacket liner and gloves turned on high! And while there was a lot of color still in the leaves in VA they were all nearly gone at the South end in NC. Want to to do this trip again but a little earlier in the Fall!

My love of the BRP

Thru my husband growing up enjoying camping in the Mtns and riding on the Parkway, he taught me the love and respect for it all, we have gone many a mile thru the NC mtns and a few years ago we drove it all the way up to Roanoke Va. and i will start talking him into a beginning to end trip real soon. We were just up there the week before Easter :)

First true End to Ender

Several friends and I rode the Parkway from end to end in July 1987, but the section around Grandfather Mountain was unfinished and we had to use the 221 detour. The section was to open after the Dedication ceremonies on Sept.11, 1987. I rode my Trumph Bonneville to work at Steelcase the day before the opening, and after work I rode to Grandfather Mtn. It began to rain when I got there and began to get dark....

My spring MC trip

I take a motorcycle trip every spring from my home in Maryland to NC ,TN, Georgia. The BRP is my favorite road in the USA and I have been on many coast to coast.I have stayed in Asheville NC the last 2 trips which is a wonderful town full of charm. I am doing this trip again in 3 weeks with a MC buddy from Albany NY.We are staying in Helen Georgia for a week this time.