Flat Top Manor in snow
photo by Monty Combs

Moses H. Cone Memorial Park Developed Area Management Plan

Beginning in 2001, funds have been provided for a comprehensive study by the National Park Service of the Moses H. Cone Estate.  All of the natural and cultural resources have been examined and cataloged which included detailed mapping of the vegetative areas, visitor use areas and the geographical references of the parks assets.Federal laws and policies dictate the the examination include a reaffirmation of the Cone Parks' purpose, significance and interpretive themes, which required detailed examinations of the deeds, historical maps, and historic building surveys.

The process was initially planned for 2 years, but the diversity of the assets and opportunities at the Cone Estate as well as other priorities by the Park Service have delayed the completion of the plan.

The general public has and will have multiple opportunities for comment during the process which will result in a new vision for the Cone Estate as a visitor attraction where experiencing history will be combined with recreational activities.