Purchase a Blue Ridge Parkway 75th Anniversary Serigraph

SerigraphThe Blue Ridge Parkway 75th Anniversary Serigraph makes a great gift - for yourself and your friends and family! This limited edition serigraph, done in the WPA style is signed and numbered - only 600 were made and it measures 15" x 22".

Currently, they are on sale for $40 (shipping included), plus tax. Order yours today by calling our office at (866) 308-2773 ext 100 (toll-free).

The serigraph is designed in the “WPA Style” by Ranger Doug’s Enterprises. After the stock market crash of 1929 and the subsequent depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt launched a massive bureaucratic structure called the New Deal. By 1938 the Federal Art Project or FAP employed artists in all 48 states with a budget of 1% of the WPA's total budget and was clearly the largest single employer of artists in the United States. Between 1935 and 1943 over two million posters were printed by the WPA/FAP. These posters were based on 35,000 designs of which only 2,000 actual posters survive today.

The early posters were individually hand painted in one or two colors and were produced in very limited editions, perhaps as few as 50. The National Parks Series were produced between 1938 beginning with the Grand Teton poster and ending with the Bandelier National Monument poster in 1941. The artists and actual dates of production are unknown. The original posters, distributed to local Chambers of Commerce, were produced for internal marketing only and not for sale. Ranger Doug’s Enterprises seeks to re-educate the public about the wonderful accomplishments of the WPA-CCC and the federal art projects by republishing the original poster art of our National Parks as a seven color, hand screened, limited edition serigraph. In addition, they have added a contemporary series.