Share Your Story

Each visitor has their own personal connection to  the Blue Ridge Parkway - unique memories, experiences and favorite places. We invite you share your own special memory here. If you’ve traveled the Parkway from end-to-end, we invite you to become a member of our “End-to-enders” group by applying here to receive your rewards package.

Here are some questions that may prompt you to write your story:

  • Was there another family member who enjoyed the Blue Ridge Parkway?
  • Is there a specific place along the Parkway that you enjoy?
  • Is there a special activity that you enjoy – picnics, hiking, etc.?
  • Was there a special event in your life that occurred on the Parkway?
  • Do you have a personalized North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway Specialty Plate? What is the story behind your plate number?
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